Unofficial Candidate Committee
Contributions & Expenditures Statement
(Form 13-2-6(c)(2), BRC, 1981)

Name of Committee: Better Boulder Unofficial Campaign Committee
Committee ID: 2023-UCC-018
Date Submitted: 2023-10-17 17:33:36.190

Report Summary

Previous Total 1,750.00 1,642.16
This Statement 0.00 0.00
New Total 1,750.00 1,642.16


Total Contributions+1,750.00
In-Kind Contributions-0.00
Total Expenditures-1,642.16

At the completion of the election, all funds must be distributed. Unexpended contributions must be either donated to a charitable organization (recognized under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)) or returned to the contributor.


Last Name First Name Street City State Zip Contribution Type From Candidate Date Amount Match Amount YTD Amount Contribution ID Amends ID


First Name Last Name Street City State Zip Purpose Date Amount Expenditure ID Amends ID