Official Candidate Committee
Contributions & Expenditures Statement
(Form 13-2-6(c)(2), BRC, 1981)

Name of Committee: Terri Brncic for Council
Committee ID: 2023-OCC-011
Date Submitted: 2023-10-16 08:54:08.927

Report Summary

  Total To Be Matched Match Qualify Amount From Candidate  
Previous Total 11,305.00 11,305.002,261.0095.0010,847.24
This Statement 0.00
New Total 11,305.00 11,305.002,261.0095.0011,716.39


Total Contributions+11,305.00
Total Matching Funds Received+11,305.00
In-Kind Contributions-0.00
Total Expenditures-11,716.39

At the completion of the election, all funds must be distributed. Unexpended contributions must be either donated to a charitable organization (recognized under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)) or returned to the contributor. Candidates who received matching funds must return at least 50% of the any unexpended funds to the City.


Last Name First Name Street City State Zip Contribution Type From Candidate Date Amount Match Amount YTD Amount Contribution ID Amends ID


First Name Last Name Street City State Zip Purpose Date Amount Expenditure ID Amends ID
Prairie Mountain MediaPO Box 8008WilloughbyOHDigital Ads10/11/2023500.007859
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/12/20236.007860
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/12/20236.007861
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/12/20236.007862
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/12/20237.007863
Center copy Boulder2200 Central Avenue – Suite D1BoulderCOLiterature Drop10/12/2023134.157864
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/13/202310.007865
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/14/202325.007866
MetaOne hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/13/202315.007867
Hope James601 W 11th AveDenverCOSocial Media Services10/14/202375.007868
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/14/202335.007869
MetaOne Hacker WayMenlo ParkCADigital Ads10/15/202350.007870